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Anker 1

Hacking into the system and using cheats to manipulate the world around them is everyday life for those characters. You become a part of that game-breaking process: the main mechanic of this game is none other than cheating.


Cheats can mess up the entire currency system, transform your enemies into money, or paint your enemies pink… and, of course, all enemies react to what you’re doing, as they have no idea what in the world is going on.

This game has tons of cheats, but all of them must first be found in little cheat devices spread around the world.

Finding those cheat devices requires exploration, and because of how many hidden secrets this game has, it might not even be that easy to find all of them.

There are limitations to cheats, making this game not as easy as it might seem. You may only have three cheats activated at a time, and after using a cheat, you will have to let the cheat restore a bit until your body can withstand such a crazy manipulation again.

By leveling up, the cheat regeneration time gets reduced.

But... how do you level up?






Game Breaker is a story-driven RPG in which every character knows they're inside a video game.

You are a part of the story. The character you play and you as a person are completely separate characters in this game, and every character knows that you're there, hiding behind a computer screen. They know that you are playing this game, but most of all:

they know how to break this game.


The battle system of Game Breaker is a real-time top-down shooter where you have to watch what your enemies do, dodge their attacks (mostly projectiles), and whenever they are vulnerable, attack them in close combat with a sword.

There are thousands of ways to defeat enemies, and this battle system has a lot of room open for creativity. If you’re good enough, you can even make enemies defeat themselves.

Cheats are obviously a part of the battle system. If you want to fight a different enemy, just teleport your current enemy away. If you need money, just transform your enemy into money. If you want to make fun of your enemy, just increase your slash speed by so much that your enemies will just run away from you.

Überschrift 3

But if you just want to fight fair and square, you have the possibility to target the weak point of every enemy. Attacking weak points makes you deal more damage. Every enemy is highly unique, from moveset to weak points. Some even have body parts that are completely invincible.

If you want to fight more defensively, you also get rewarded for that. Dodging enemy attacks perfectly instead of just rushing to them gives you experience points. It’s also the safest of all methods, while rewarding skilled play.

- The Story - 

The story is the most important part of the game. All you've read until now were just some explanations of a few  mechanics.  

Since the story is very unique and nothing like anything you've ever experienced, I highly recommend to find out for yourself.



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